Wide Angle for FE mount in early 2021

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Wide Angle for FE mount in early 2021


... if you were to buy one of the "ultra" wide angle lenses in early 2021 for the full frame E-mount, primarily for landscape (and more precisely forest photography, at the wider end),

I currently use the 24-105 but it just isn't wide enough for what I want to shoot, I usually run out of space to back off while the 16,5mm on my phone appears to be capturing the kind of image I want. What I tried so far is to shot panoramas with 8-10 vertical shots at 24mm and stitch them in post to create the kind of wide angle field of view I am looking for. A bit of a headache as I never know what the end result will be, so a decent wide angle would probably help here.

I can't afford the GM (and never will), so I had a look at the cheaper alternatives,

- Tamron 17 to 28 f2.8

- Tokina (adapted from Canon) 16 to 28 f2.8

- Sony Zeiss 16 to 35 f4

Tamron looks good on paper but I don't trust the reviews (numerous comments under reviews pointing to horrible CA issues, never mentioned by reviewers),

Tokina needs the MC-11 adapter that adds cost and possible vignetting, also a dead end with video AF if I ever need to do that,

Zeiss being the most expensive option, debatable image quality gains over the Tamron, other than 16mm vs 17mm,

So the question would be, are there any other lenses that I am not, but perhaps should, thinking of? Any actual experience with lenses mentioned above would be a great help here, perhaps someone had a similar decision to make and went through the process of elimination I am going through now.


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