16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

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Re: 16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

JimKasson wrote:

fieldray wrote:

I have been successful using the 16-shot pixel shift function, but with some significant post processing work on my part.

Sure, with enough work in post you can fix almost anything.

Pixel sampling issues are some of the most frustrating (sometimes impossible!) things to remove for me.  The truth for me is that the 4x pixel shift is genuinely useful for dealing with color aliasing but I have not encountered a situation in my photography where spatial sampling with a 60MP array limits the effectiveness of my photography, so the 16-shot pixel shift is fun to play with but will not likely help my photography.  This reminds me of some of the f#*lamda/p (Q) arguments we used to have designing space optics!  Q=2 was our holy grail as there was by definition no aliasing, but from a practical point of view Q=1 or Q=1.2 was a better optimization.  On some of our FLIRs with bigger pixels compared to the optics cutoff, sub-pixel shifting analogous to the 16-shot function on the Sony camera made a big difference in the final product.

Landscapes have been extremely detailed except for some trees with wind motion. I have blended in resampled single images of the blurred trees using Photoshop, resulting in pretty amazingly detailed photos.

That's a good technique.

The front-end process reminds me of using a 4x5 view camera to do landscapes - the slow shutter speed required with slow film and f/22 or f/32 had similar wind-blur challenges!

But the artifacts that resulted weren't as ugly as the pixel shift artifacts, IMHO.

Absolutely true!

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