Veiling flare and the Schneider-Kreuznach Componon-S 180mm f/5.56

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Rob de Loe
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Re: Veiling flare and the Schneider-Kreuznach Componon-S 180mm f/5.56

E Dinkla wrote:

I usually add the rectangle mask at the front in the 3D printed hood but it is hard to make sure the mask does not act like a rectangular aperture there. Works good with teles but the wider the lens the more risk. At the rear the MC-11 adapter already has a kind of rectangular interior shape, little to gain there. At least not for the lenses I converted to EF mount. Some salvaged compact camera lenses that got a Sony FE mount might benefit though.

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For this lens, dealing with the problem at the front was my first thought. As an experiment I put flocking material on both sides of this old UV filter. As you can see it masks out most of the front element.

It made no appreciable difference, likely because in hindsight even that hole was too big. Still, I'm going to use a step-down ring and a smaller diameter hood because every little bit helps.

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