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shadow work

Hi, this is my first post, so hello! - anyone else obsessed with how the shadows look or should look? I am, and while I went to art school 3 times, sometimes it is hard to apply school techniques to real-world scenarios. I was wondering if I could get some feedback as far as how to create almost shadowless images.

Most, if not all, of my work is documentation of my own work, either sculpture or performance art. My home studio is small; the space I have to move around (see pic 1) is about 20 x 20 '. The lights I use are all tungsten Mole Richardson that I purchased used over some time, and I couldn't be happier with them; I have 4 of them (see pic 1).

Can anyone provide some techniques using what I have how to improve my lighting techniques? I am personally happy (80%) with the current result, but I am always ready to improve them.

Last night I spent hours trying to get rid of the shadow behind this goose mask I made (see pic 2), and maybe it is because the sculpture is too close to the white background that was casting its own shadow; I am not sure, but I almost certain. It almost seemed like every light was fighting against each other and creating their own shadow and every direction.

Current lighting set up:

Main light, far right (see pic 1): MICKEY-MOLE with a round diffuser in front

Secondary light, far left (see pic 1): BABY SOFTLITE really close to the subject to decrease shadow from main light

Third light, near front (see pic 1): MINI MOLE, with barn doors to highlight the artifacts underneath the mask, creating both shadows and light coming through - forming shadow patterns in white backdrop

Fourth light, mounted on the ceiling (not pictured): to highlight the mask

So please, if you have any advice, I really appreciate it!

Pic 1: Light in the far left: BABY SOFTLITE, light near front: MINI-MOLE, light far right: MICKEY-MOLE, and there is another one mount on the ceiling that you can't see in the pic: SOLARSPOT.

Pic 2

Flat view
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