Using dual monitors with different calibration

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Using dual monitors with different calibration


I have just purchased a BenQ 240 which has 99% AdobeRGB and 100% sRGB color gamut.
And my old monitor is Dell u2412h with %78 adobe and 100% sRGB color gamut.
I have just calibrated my new BenQ with  its own software "palette master element" with my spyder4 device.
And my dell has not been calibrated for the last 4-5 years..
I have just connected these 2 montiors to my laptop now and what I want to is making a comparison on my photos regarding these:

1) open a raw photo file and check the colors and toning on each screen.
My new BenQ is a brand new monitor which has very good critics so (hopefully) it should be better than my old Dell. I mean therse should be some/any diffeerence, right?
But with my current dula monitor settings, these 2 displayys are identical..

2) dell covers %78 of adobeRGb while BenQ covers %99 so again there should be a difference on each monitors when I display a raw file which has a AdobeRgb color space..

My problem is right now with my settings both my screens are identical.No single diffence at all.
My multiple screen display settings are (Win 10) :
dublicate display on 2(benq) and 3 (dell)

I have no idea if this setting uses the .icm file that the palette master element software has created when I calibrated the BenQ.
As I said, the colors and everything about my photo is the same on both screens..(I open a AdobbeRgb raw file within Photoshop so BenQ's %99 coverage of AdobeRGB is neglected right now.)
What should be the proper settings for me to work with dual monitors at the same time while each monitor behaves seperately in terms of calibration and color gamut so that I can compare the same photo on these 2 monitors...
thx in advance

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