Thumbs up to Nikon on their Trade In Program

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Re: Thumbs up to Nikon on their Trade In Program

Congrats. I didn’t do the the trade-in b/c Nikon USA couldn’t even tell me where I’d be on the waitlist let alone any time range when I could expect delivery. This was last Dec. shortly after the Z7 II started shipping. I was too excited to try out the camera so I traded my Z6 else where. I got about $100 less than Nikon offered but got use of a Z7 II at least a month before Nikon would have shipped to me so worth it to me.

This scenario though would be true if it was any other camera company. It’s so odd while every other tech device maker can tell you the approximate date your order will ship the camera industry is still stuck with 1950s delivery logistics.

For example, even when the latest iPhone first goes on sale and orders pour in Apple can tell you your phone will ship in “ ‘X’ weeks.” Meanwhile camera makers, who already have a stodgy public image, are like, “Backordered. You’ll get it when you get it. Press ‘order’.” Not a great customer experience, something all camera makers need to improve.

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