Should Lens Dictate Growth?

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Should Lens Dictate Growth?

Hi everyone,

I own Fujifilm X-T20 for 2.5 years now, and been very much in-love with my new hobby. I don't do it often as I like - and I would say that for each 100 pictures I take, I end up with 1-2 I like (I assume that's because I'm still a beginner, and because it's really damn hard to take pictures of toddlers).

I think it's time for me to grow past my Kit lens. I'm using 16-50 kit lens. I picked those specifically because I hike a lot, and wanted a wide frame. COVID was a surprise, and I didn't have a chance to travel and hike as much as I want. Instead, I found myself going out for a sessions with my 2 years old boy - practicing taking a pictures of him. Being mostly body portraits, I'm shooting closer to 50mm rather than what I planned to use the Camera for. I see other portrait, and everything is much more sharp, and has much more depth compared to my pictures. Even after learning much about Depth of Field and Aperture, I assume there's some limit to the clarity of the Kit lens (at 50mm I get 5.8 with my current lens - which also makes it harder when there's no perfect light).

I picked a Fuji body for no real reason. I wanted something light (er), as my previous Camera was Pocket camera, and DSLR were too big for me, so I went with Mirrorless (funny enough, I don't mind trying DSLR now that I got used to the size). And I picked Fuji - because they are renown for their strong colors, and I assumed that would be useful when Hiking.

I figured two things when doing some research. One - each manufacturer has it own lens System. So I can't buy lens for manufacturer A and later move it into manufacturer B camera. Also, there's some Adapters - but many means I won't be able to use auto-focuses and such. Because there is almost no 2nd hand market where I live, most of the lens I will be picking, will stay with me for a long while.

It sounds like Camera technology keep growing. For example - - so while an eye tracking algorithm is better on this manufacturer, there's a good chance the other manufacturer will have the same good tracking in the near future. So while bodies getting upgrades, Lens are more static purchase, and It should like Lens should dictate the system for me.

So I was thinking perhaps the next move, is to do some homework. Which Manufacturer has good lens, in a decent price? 3rd party manufacturer (like Tamaron) - on which system they support most often? etc etc.

So I would like to hear your opinion. Which manufacturer has the best all around lens or has a larger comparability with 3rd party lens? do you think that instead of buying a new expensive lens for the Fuji - Instead I should spend a little more money for a new Body (and therefore system) - so I can invite on lens for that system?

And an out of topic bonus question. I find myself often goes with my camera to a walk. I don't plan to take a picture right now, so the lens cap is on. And all the sudden - something happens, and I want to capture that moment - and then - "Dark? Oh hell, Cap is on, Remove it, put it somewhere, eahhhhh" Moment gone. Most Pocket camera has those electric shutter that open when you turn on the camera. Why big lens don't have those and come with Cap?


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