16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

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eques wrote:

AlephNull wrote:

I wouldn’t (yet) call it an unusable gimmick, but I do get the feeling that getting pixel-level sharp images will require preparation, organisation, and maybe a little luck.

It works handheld up to 1/60 s with an Olympus em1.3.

I keep hearing “oh, but it works perfectly on Panasonic” - I wonder if their merging of images does a bit of blurring, or smoothing, to eliminate problems in one shot of the sequence?

I am chiming in because coming from M43 I plan to move to FF. So this is an interesting topic, because I also consider the EM1.3 as an alternative to FF.


It’s iffy and poor. I think it’s as bad as it can get just short of being completely useless. Sony has little to gain to make it very good because they usually have the highest resolution cameras first, of course with their own sensors, so their management sees further effort as cannibalizing sales. They implemented it not as a selling point, but as a hedge to not be excluded from purchase from those that make the feature a requirement, even if impractical. This is even more important in the B2B space

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