FUji not honoring its shipment requests

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Re: FUji not honoring its shipment requests

NatureLover21 wrote:

I am beyond disgusted with Fuji’s servicnin mid November. I ordered this lens through a reputable camera shop in the Capital region. It was being offered by FUji at a discount price. It is now mid January and FUji apparently is playing games and not distributing fairly to customers who ordered at the discount THEY offered. 2 months is enough and perhaps it is time to start filing official complaints. I am posting so that others can beware and use caution in ordering FUJI’s products.

No offense, but really...

About 3 million people (more than 500.000 in the USA alone) have died from Covid SARS 2 during this worldwide pandemic let alone much more survived but suffer now chronically for many years if not for the rest of their life...

the second wave was worldwide much harder than the first one and we are just at the beginning of the 3 rd one with even 3 different mutations that are much more virolent...
millions of people lost their jobs, got homeless, are hungry...

Even Production and supply chaines for pharmacy, for masks, medical gloves are not functioning as it should be....

....and you complain not to receive your 100-400mm ?

Boy, you have a real first world problem...

lay back in your comfortable seat, enjoy the fact that you are still living and not affected medically.. and that you did not lose your job.

written by someone who cares as an intensivist for Covid patients in ICUs...

prices for transports from asia to the „first world“ exploded, they charge now about 3-6 times the money because the plus of billions of medical masks, gloves, tubes for respirators, suction, all the exploding need for pharmacy and so on surpass the normal resources of the „silky road“ and Container ships.

I think these things have absolute more priority for shipping - you surely agree, don’t you?

BTW many factories in asia stopped producing, to protect people working there and also because of the limit of shipping resources at this moment.

for me, this decision is nothing but a very responsible act.

I wanted as well to buy photo gear, but I accept that production and delivery from asia today is a BIG PROBLEM...

hope eberybody rests in good and healthy condition, take care of yourself - and for others as well!


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