16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

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Re: 16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

I spent an afternoon trying to get a good 16 shot pixel shift image, but I was working outside. Solid tripod, wired remote, manual focus lens (carefully focussed before the shot). Thought that would be good enough.

I don't think IBIS on/off makes any difference, because the pixel-shift takes over the IBIS hardware to do the pixel shifting - you can't do both at once.

I think pixel-shift's may be best suited to reproduction work - photographing art at maximum possible detail. Working indoors would eliminate the very slight breeze I had interfering.

I was using the A7R4. I do not know if the A1 can do better. I might try again one day. I might even try both A7R4 and A1, but I think I'll have to be bored 

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