Should I buy the new Sony a1???

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Re: You MUST buy 2.

CalebJones wrote:

Well, my Dad was also in intelligence gathering. They have a saying that goes like this: “Trust but verify.” That is why I am asking, looking for verification here. But honestly, and I mean no disrespect, but your response there was a little bit offensive. Like it kind of put me off about this whole thing. I don’t even know what an a9 is other than another Sony camera. But what that actually means is a mystery to me. Anyway, sorry I bothered you by asking a question about a brand new camera. Totally irrational of me, from now on I will just do exactly what guy on youtube says to do... because that is what cognizant people do.

Regarding the Youtube, people make money from the amount of traffic, and I'd seen plenty of clickbaits, even from "cognizant" people.

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