Sony a7c vs Sony a7 III

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Sony a7c vs Sony a7 III

First I started this topic in "Camera, Lens and System Buying Advice" forum, but I guess it'll be better to ask this here cause I'm looking for those who have real-world experience with these cameras, and all of them are here So, hope it's okay to duplicate this

I know, I know, it's probably the most asked question from potential Sony buyers But still. I looked at almost all options and ended up with these two.

Here are some pros and cons:


+ "Brick" form-factor which I really like. EVF location is a + for me as well

+ Newest AF tech from Sony. Aside LA-EA5 full compatibility, which is a pity.

- Flippy screen. I like tilting one better. Much better, actually.

- No front dial. Bummer

- 1/4000s

- No joystick.

- I'm afraid that touchscreen won't be good enough for everything and compensate for the absence of the joystick. Doesn't work in the menu

- Single SD card. Not that big of an issue, but when a competitor has it, it's a con.

- Price. It's $110 more expensive than a7 III in my country.

a7 III:

+ Big EVF, but I'd prefer it to be located in the corner.

+ Tilting screen

+ Front dial

+ Joystick

+ Two SD cards

+ Bit cheaper

+ 1/8000s. It's important cause I'm gonna shoot a lot of portraits wide open in daylight

- Older AF tech. But how big is the difference?

- Kinda weird grip.

- A bit bulkier

- Smaller (or zero) chances for big FW updates.

I plan to get 35/1.4 (Sigma or Samyang) and 85/1.8 FE. Nothing special, some portraits and casual photos. Maybe some video.

Looks like it comes to a question of whether the new AF worth an extra $110 and losing 1/8000 and tilting screen and extra wheel.

I would appreciate any opinion. Need to make a decision by Monday while a store gives me a 10% discount on those two

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