dynamic AF vs Wide Area Subject Tracking

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Re: dynamic AF vs Wide Area Subject Tracking

j_photo wrote:

Boudewijn van der Drift wrote:

I use subject tracking alot, and appreciate it. Especially with the 70-200, using the front lens button to "stick" the square on the subject. And it is easy to switch between Pinpoint AF, eye AF and tracking with the frontwheel while looking into the EVF. With dynamic AF you also need to check whether you are in AF-C or AF-S.

I see in Ricci's AF video at 12' how dynamic AF technically works. Great because the other sources I found do not explain much more than that it exists and where you could use it. And there is lots of overlap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWIoYOv9kRg

I never used it except for abit of testing. Does it use less CPU because I do more of the tracking work and is the AF therefore quicker?

I have Z's but is a Z *II then much better in subject tracking? Not that I am complaining.

And above all, am I missing out on not using dynamic AF? There is plenty in the menu's that I do not use anyway (yet?).

In my DSLR days, I relied on dynamic area for 80 percent or more of my shooting. And I agree, Ricci does a good job explaining it.

I've never seen a comparison of the speed of focus acquisition between subject tracking and other modes. It would be interesting to see if there were one.

Yes, not exactly, but there is this Belgian working at a "red kite feeding station" in Whales who has tested and ranked (as a % keepers number and explaining the settings he thought best on each camera) dozens of ML camera's for BIF shooting. For the Z7 he found dynamic AF was better than subject tracking.

The Z7 was not doing too bad by the way, but that was like sept 2020. There is fast development here.


P.S. these tests are now redone with 70-200 mm and TC1.4! and subject tracking is preferred.

The Monochrome Memoirs did a review of the Z6 II a few months back and claimed that subject tracking was significantly improved from the Z6. I haven't had a chance yet to compare this mode on my Z6 II to my previous Z6. Monochrome Memoirs also says that the Z6 II focus is much less prone to jumping to a contrasty background compared to the Z6.

If the situation I was shooting was suited to closest subject priority, I might try one of the wide area modes. Or if it was more important to me to keep close control over where the focus point was on the subject, I would use dynamic area. In very low light, I think I trust dynamic area more than wide area.

Hope that helps.

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