16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

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16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

Hey Everyone,

Simple question, has anyone ever managed to get a good shot with 16-shot pixel shift?

I have tried to use it again today on a still macro shot, with my camera as perfectly still as I could on a tripod, but the 16-shot just always causes really ugly artifacting that makes the image look soft zoomed out, and just gross zoomed in.

The 4-shot pixel shift actually looks a bit better then the single shot, but 16-shot I just never managed to make it look right. It honestly is unusable.
As Sony heavily advertises this feature, I assumed it worked better then it does. Any pixel shift shots are also unusable for landscapes, because anything that moves between the shots will show up really ugly.

Judge for yourself:

Reference image (4-pixel shoot, which I think looks the best)

Single frame (100% zoom)

4-pixel shift shot (100% zoom)

16-pixel shift shoot (25% zoom)

16-pixel shift shot (100% zoom)

16-pixel shift shot (100% zoom, moved to the side of the pawn)


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