Help with XT3 focus

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Help with XT3 focus

Hi all - I'd like the benefit of your experience with how to best use and set up focus modes on the XT3

I have bought an XT3 and a 16-55 2.8, my first X camera that I planned to use in a studio environment since the XT1 that I had briefly a few years ago.  I have used an X100V as a carry round.

The camera is a back up for a GFX100S that I just traded in a sony A7Riv against

I gave the XT3 a quick run out yesterday with a backdrop and strobes, and I struggled to get most of the focus modes working.  even at F8, eye AF seems to be pretty much unusable and rarely hit anything, when using AFC and back button focus.

Switching to AFS it was a bit better, but mostly I had to pay attention to when it acquired focus and allowed me to shoot, not the shot itself - ok if the model was still, but not for any movement.

In the end, the only thing I could get to work was spot focus and recompose, and maybe a reasonable hit rate in wide and using tracking, but only when i had the focus margin of error of F8 - at F2.8 it was pretty pointless.

I appreciate that I am used to sony eye af and tracking, which is streets ahead of what I was seeing yesterday, and that's oK - but I want to make sure that whatever the best capability of the XT3 is, I'm getting it, and I suspect that my lack of familiarity with the system will have meant I could probably get better than I did yesterday.

So for something like half length shots and head and shoulder shots with a moderately moving model, how would you all set up your focus options?  How would you have your tracking settings in the menue, or should I just accept that won't work well?

Any advice gratefully received!

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