Future of Canon M Series - Invest or Sell?

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Re: Future of Canon M Series - Invest or Sell?

ahodder wrote:

Last year I managed to pick up a bargain M100 along with the standard zoom lenses. I'm enjoying using the camera enough that I'm planning to sell my 70D and start saving towards a FF mirrorless setup. At the minute I'm mostly using adapted EF-S glass with the camera and although it adds bulk I'm happy enough with it.

Seeing the suggested roadmap forward for Canon lenses, I'm concerned about the support of the M series moving forward. Obviously the focus is on the RF system.

Is it worth investing in more M glass? Should I be steering clear and trying to sell my M lenses before they lose value - if they will?


In my opinion, picking up a hefty lens bag full of EF-M glass is hardly an investment. Thanks perhaps to the extensive use of plastic, these lenses are more on the affordable side for Canon. You probably won’t need every single lens, but even if you were to buy all of them, it would run you less money than some of the RF lenses cost individually. If you like the results that your M100 gives you with the kit lens, pick up the 32mm f/1.4 at a minimum, though. Maybe the 22mm f/2 just so you have a pancake lens. If you want to get into other focal lengths, go nuts. Even if you buy these lenses new and sell at a loss, the depreciation is not a lot in absolute terms.

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