Is the Nikon 1 System the worst idea Nikon has had in recent years?

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Is the Nikon 1 System the worst idea Nikon has had in recent years?

Note: I'm asking this question in this forum because I believe a Z-like mirrorless system is what SHOULD have been Nikon's focus all along, instead of wasting time on making the 1 system. I won't go into why I think the 1 system is not useful to many people in the market for a mirrorless camera.

In releasing the 1 system, there were 2 obvious trends that Nikon actively ignored:

1) Less DSLR sales (mostly due to smartphones) but rising popularity of mirrorless cameras. Nikon was VERY late to the mirrorless game.

2) Many mirrorless users clearly wanted a bigger sensor, such that the 1", however decent it might have been, simply did not cut it

In so doing, Nikon was not only VERY late to the mirrorless game, but it wasted time producing a 1 system which nobody (i'm generalizing) wanted, when it could have worked more on the (current) Z system. Can they recover from this?

A broader question: Has any other camera manufacturer made such a big mistake as this in the last decade or two.\?

(Note: This is strictly my opinion. I do not intend to insult anybody with this, especially not the Nikon Corporation, some of whose products I proudly own, or owners of 1 system cameras.)

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