ISO Bracketing in Z system

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Re: ISO Bracketing in Z system

PLShutterbug wrote:

PankajDubey wrote:


I was wondering if there is a possibility of just varying the ISO to Auto-bracket shots.

I can manage this in Sony A6400 with Manual mode+ Auto ISO- where just the ISO changes to bracket the exposure.

In Z5 in Manual mode the Auto ISO stays put and either S or A changes or nothing happens - even if the Auto ISO limit is not reached.


Reading through this thread I wonder if you really mean “bracketing” or if what you want is auto-adjustment.

Bracketing means to take multiple images of the same scene while varying a single setting to ensure you get one image with the “best” exposure.

In post, you choose which is the best and discard the rest. Or maybe you stack to increase the dynamic range of the finished image.

This is what I want and get with the Sony set up in A6400.

You can also do focus bracketing by keeping all exposure parameters the same but changing focus through a series of images.

Reading here, it sounds like you really don’t want bracketing as I define above but automatic adjustment: the camera automatically adjusts aperture, or shutter speed, or ISO of a single shot to provide one image that is best exposed.

Not sure how you got that impression.

Nikon can do either, with ISO, aperture or shutter speed as the variable.

Are you looking for auto-bracketing, or auto-adjustment?

Auto bracketing, then I pick and choose or merge.

Thank you for your help, I was looking for pound for pound thing in Nikon.

The ADL bracket would light up the shadows in otherwise bright scene but won't work in cloudy or not good light setup.


ISO Bracketing is #6 in the list:

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