ISO Bracketing in Z system

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Re: ISO Bracketing in Z system

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nikon does use the auto iso for varying exposure- just that it doesn’t allow only the ISO to change in bracketing mode.

No it uses ISO to adjust output image brightness, not exposure. This has been much discussed here in other threads, but see:

It makes even less sense to bracket ISO when you have ISO invariance beyond a certain range like with the Zs.

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when I said - it is a minefield- I meant that I have read all that and seen some videos of the Angry photographer( Theoria Apophasis) too 😊 and whether larger sensors gather more light.

I just wanted to know if it can be done in Nikon or not.

Actually, ISO bracketing is a good idea. I can imagine situation, eg sports, where I want to fix my aperture (to control DOF) and my shutter speed, but, my targets are moving through areas with different lighting, eg., the shadow of a stadium on a sunny day. (not quite so good when they are moving, but,perhaps when they have moved)

It's possible that Active D lighting bracketing may have a better result than simple ISO bracketing. The existence of ADL bracketing may be why there is no ISO bracketing.

Can't see Autolighting bracketing easily in the R6 menu.



Recently, I went for a Tiger safari and the Tigers come out either in the morning or near the sunset to get to the water body.

The Min aperture gets decided by costly/cheap the lens is and you need the shutter speed for the active cubs.The Auto ISO gives one reading - often high . I had the A6400 and it is not good beyond 800.So, rather than change the ISO every time or switch back and forth between AUTO ISO and fixed ISO or fiddling the exposure comp button each time, I thought the ISO bracketing at continuous high(5 shots) gave me at least two manageably exposed shots.

But that was Sony .

I would try the ADL bracket in Nikon.

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