Which world would you live in?

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Which world would you live in?

Just for fun! Which world would you live in?

World 1
We can only record on film and edit in a darkroom. Modern camera technology is still available. Cameras have modern autofocus, advanced metering, rapid burst motor drives etc. Full TTL flash metering and auto fill is available.

World 2
We can record images digitally and edit digitally. Modern camera technology is not available. Cameras are manual focus, have center weighted/spot metering and manual film advance only. Flash has no TTL metering. Flash power can only be controlled manually.

There are no LCD screens in either world.

World 3
Everything is as is in 2021. You can do and use everything as we do today. Digital or film is available, old cameras or the latest cameras with modern tech are available, LCD screens are available. However, there is no color capture nor is it possible to add color in post. You can only ever work with black and white.

World 1 - Film with modern camera tech
14.1% 9  votes
World 2 - Digital with no modern camera tech
62.5% 40  votes
World 3 - B&W Only
23.4% 15  votes
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