Sierra trip kit, lenses and landscape

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Sierra trip kit, lenses and landscape

I'll be going on a five-day backpacking trip in the Sierras this summer. I'm tremendously excited! But—in addition to having zero backpacking experience; I'll be relying on more knowledgeable friends—I have no experience photographing landscapes. With a few exceptions, I only take pictures of my family and our everyday adventures.

I'm just starting to think through what I'll be taking, in terms of photography. I own the X-Pro3 and X100V, and have the 14 2.8, 16 1.4, 23 f2 (on the X100V), and 35 1.4. This kit serves me really well for my people photography. Having never photographed landscapes, though, I'm not sure what makes sense. I have set aside some money to purchase new camera equipment, but I'm not consumed with the desire to buy new gear, and would be perfectly fine going with a combination of what I have, if it will work. There'll be social time on either side of the nature time, and I'll want to photograph that as well; I'll also be traveling in a group, and won't want to hold people up with my photography.

Some options I'm considering with my existing kit:

  • Just the X-Pro3 and 14mm (I use the 14mm for people fairly regularly).
  • X-Pro3, 14mm, 35mm
  • X-Pro3, 14mm, X100V (so that I never have to change lenses)

Some options that involve buying something:

  • X-Pro3 + 10–24 WR as a one-lens solution
  • X-Pro3 + 14mm + 27mm WR (I have owned the 27mm in the past and really miss it!).
  • X-Pro3 + 16-80.

There are also a couple of "wildcard" options. I could pick up a Ricoh GR III and go super-lightweight. (I owned the GR II—I didn't love it for people, but it was great for static scenes.) Or I could get the 18 f1.4, if it comes out in time, and make that a one-lens solution—nice for the social time, and for low light out in nature. There's also a small part of me that's attracted to the idea of just bringing the 16 1.4, so that I can capture landscapes but also do portraits and close-ups of interesting things along the trail. I'll probably be using a Peak Design Capture clip.... I wonder if X-Pro3 + 16 1.4 would be uncomfortably heavy.

I'd value any gear perspective that more experienced folks might have. (Am I wrong to be assuming that wide-angle is the way to go? Is bringing non-WR lenses a mistake? Should I try to bring a solar charger, or could I just take a half-dozen pre-charged batteries?) Also, if anyone has recommendations for books about landscape photography—that might help me think about the craft, the framing, and so on—I'd be very appreciative!

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