ISO Bracketing in Z system

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Re: ISO Bracketing in Z system

PankajDubey wrote:


I was wondering if there is a possibility of just varying the ISO to Auto-bracket shots.

I can manage this in Sony A6400 with Manual mode+ Auto ISO- where just the ISO changes to bracket the exposure.

In Z5 in Manual mode the Auto ISO stays put and either S or A changes or nothing happens - even if the Auto ISO limit is not reached.


If you click on the little green icon next to 'Exposure Bracketing' on this page of the manual, you'll see more guidance on what is varied in each mode: , and about ISO in Manual mode:

  1. [snip]
  2. If [On] is selected for [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Auto ISO sensitivity control] in the photo shooting menu, the camera will first use auto ISO sensitivity control to bring exposure as close as possible to the optimum and then bracket this exposure by varying shutter speed.
  3. Use Custom Setting e6 [Auto bracketing (mode M)] to choose whether the camera varies shutter speed, aperture, or both shutter speed and aperture.

But ISO is not part of exposure so it doesn't really make sense to include it in 'exposure bracketing'.

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