Canon EOS R6 power figures over USB-C

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Canon EOS R6 power figures over USB-C

A month or two ago I got a small USB-C power meter off Amazon, curious as to how much the power draw on some of my devices would be.

Off-course I tried it with my R6 as specifications on this are nowhere to be found.

Connected to as rather sufficiently specced 120W PD-charger and a 2A specced cable (sort of defeats the purpose of the charger spec off-course but the R6 stayed well within that range). I found the following:

Charging the batteries when the batteries are sufficiently discharged (~40% charge remaining): around 4.90V and 1.33A. Thus about 6.5W.

I also have a BG-R10 battery/vertical grip and there I get the same figures. And when connecting another 25W pd charger a had lying on my desk to check I got similar figures for current, but a voltage level of about 5V.

Next to that I tested earlier on with the batteries earlier on about 80% charged, with an 18W PD charger and the grip and then a got 4.90V and ~950mA. This may be due to the different charger but I think the charge speed is ramped down as the charge reaches full capacitiy which is common in battery powered devices.

Charging with about ~40% charge, the BG-R10 grip attached and camera powered off. Tthe R6 won't charge with the BG-R10 and the grip attached.

Next I was off course curious as to what the power draw would be with the camera powered on. My video was set to fhd 60fps and the cap was still on. The power draw was low here but significantly the voltage changed. What I got was about ~9.04V at 358mA.

Camera at FHD 60fps with the cap on in video mode idling, battery ~40-50% charged and grip not attached.

I then figured I must give the camera something to do. So I switched to 4K 60fps, removed the cap and waved my hand in front of the lens. This increased the current. I got values around 8.90-8.94 V and 1.17 tot 1.24A then. It was i bit harder to read the values here since the camera power draw here clearly depended very much on how much movement was going on in front of the lens with the tester values reacting instantly to movement. I would be nice if the Delock tester had a max. measured values logging function, but it does not.

R6 without the grip in 4K 60fps waving my hand in front of the lens: 8.90V @ 1.20A

R6 with the grip in 4K 60fps waving my hand in front of the camera even a bit more vigorously. 8.94V @ 1.24A

I enjoyed playing around a bit with this but is off-course by no means a exhaustive test. For one I just had my RF 85 mm f/2.0 lens attached and didn't test with the RF 24-105mm F/4L and RF 35mm f/1.8 I also have. Also I didn't change modes or retest with the batteries further charged and/or different chargers, or use a diffent cable etc. But I hope this gives anyone wondering an idea of the voltage and current levels going into these cameras :-).

Canon EOS R6
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