Perspective distortion and APS-C

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Re: Perspective distortion and APS-C

PhotosByHall wrote:

Hi all,

This is a question I thought I knew the answer to - but I've seen LOADS of contradictory answers on this recently.

So I shot a few close up portraits on a M50 on 35mm, which made it a 56mm on my M50. People were moaning about the perspective distortion making facial features look bigger. (turns out I have a bad eye for that)

No problem, now I use the M50 and the nifty fifty. So now I have an 80mm portrait lens (and will also be using a 135mm at some point).

My question is this -

When mounted on a crop at 80mm equivalent, perspective distortion should disappear right - as it is a function of how close you are to the focal plane, not the focal length?

(Obviously, you have to get closer and focus closer to fill the frame with a 50mm rather than an 80mm and its that which causes the perspective distortion - not the lens itself.)

Like I said, I'm pretty sure that is correct, but just need to be sure, so I can go back to shooting portraits on my nifty fifty

First off, I think portraits on your nifty fifty would still look great.

Next, a longer focal length does result in more compression by itself. Hence, 50mm on APSC =\= 85mm on FF fundamentally even if you are standing at a similar distance. So technically I believe overall distortion is not the same.

While using a crop forces you to move back to get a similar FOV, a 50mm will always be a 50mm. It is a function of both distance and the focal length of the lens itself.

But would people notice in a real world comparison? Only side by side.

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