Not a 150-400mm f/4.5 - but not bad while I wait

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Not a 150-400mm f/4.5 - but not bad while I wait

I'm newer to the MFT platform, though been shooting wildlife images for more than two decades. When I read about the 150-400 lens, it was clearly a must have and knew I could sell some FF lenses to cover the cost. But, because I learned about the lens so late, compared to most, I understand it could be a year before I have a chance to use my own.

And then I learned about the Viltrox NF-M1 - an adapter allowing one to attach Nikon F-mount lenses to a MFT camera - like my EM1X, and S-AF works just fine - the AF I have used for 95% of my shots.

Enter the Nikon 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II, a lens I own. With the adapter, I now have a combo that can be a stop gap, and with 1/3 stop more light.

I have a lot of shooting to do before I know how well this will work. From some shot testing I already did with the 400mm f/2.8 I know I am completely loosing the IBIS, but the lens VR still works great and none of the Nikon DSLRs I have used had IBIS, so is a bit of a step back, but still quite workable - I think.

I know AF is a bit slower - more cooks in the kitchen - but even that is no big deal - once you are in the neighborhood - refining that is plenty fast enough - I think.

So, it is bigger and heavier - nothing like the great two MFT lenses I have grown to love - but it is still nothing like the 600mm f/4 in those regards. And without IBIS, no where near the stops gained overall - but I wouldn't hand hold this lens anyway - never did.

Hoping for sunny skies so I can head over to a couple of small lakes near me - gotta see how the combo does with real subjects to see if it's usable for upcoming trips.

I'm loving what I'm learning about MFT and really looking forward to the real 150-400 getting here - but in the mean time, might have an option to carry me over.

EDIT: To be very clear, this thread is not about promoting FF - just a stop gap option.

Oly specs: 150-400mm (w/TC 188-500mm), EFL = 300-800mm, 375-1000mm), MFD =
4.27 ft, Wt = 4.13 lbs, Dimensions = 12.37 x 4.56 inches, front element = 95 mm, f/4.5

Nikon specs: 200-400mm, EFL = 400-800mm), MFD = 6.6 ft, Wt = 7 lbs, Dimensions = 14.4 x 4.9 inches, front element = 115mm, f/4

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