U.S. Availibilty of DMW-STC20 Teleconverter?

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U.S. Availibilty of DMW-STC20 Teleconverter?

Hi All,

I've been on a hunt for the L-Mount DMW-STC20 2x Teleconverter for the past few weeks and have come up dry...not available anywhere. Anyone know of availability here in the U.S.?

My adventure, so far (a bit of a rant, sorry)...

So, today, I decided to search out their product at shop.panasonic for (hopefully) some answers only to learn that their website does not provide retailer stock information for this item as it does for all of their other products (i.e. no "Find a Retailer" button on that product page).

So I decided to call the kind folks at Panasonic to inform them of the, um, missing button and see if they could provide me with the missing retailer stock information and they stated that they cannot and do not provide such information. Huh?

When I explained that their website already provides that information on their product pages and that it is missing from the DMW-STC20 page they stated that pricespider is responsible for the content on their pages (noted there in small print, btw) and that "they" (pricespider) would have to fix the issue. Huh, again?

Perplexed, I informed the shop.panasonic agent that I had already scoured numerous retailer websites the past few weeks for this product which led me to their website to find out about availability and that when their website did not provide that information it then led me to this phone call.

So I asked, "So, the best information that Panasonic can provide its customers is A. you cannot provide availability information for your own products over the phone despite the fact that your website already does that?, B. your customers should keep looking at their authorized retailers? and C. I, personally, should contact pricespider about your website omission?"

So, I asked for a supervisor...and got hung up on. Oofah.

Still empty-handed in NY,


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