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Re: And where are those lenses being made?

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They look impressive. Made in Vietnam...beware....Made in Japan....Buy

Why? Is there an observable difference in QC between facilities? My assumption would be that the lenses from the Vietnamese production facility would be on par with what has been produced in Japan, unless there is evidence to the contrary.

IIRC there were some QC problems when the manufacturing/assembly of Pentax lenses first moved to Vietnam. This corresponded somewhat with the initial SDM lenses which were not trivial. I am not sure if it is still an issue.

Other companies (Nikon I believe) have recently shifted manufacturing/assembly out of Japan.


Gotcha. I wonder if the QC problems were design, component, or assembly related? I only owned one SDM lens, thankfully without issue, but I do recall there being a slew of complaints about failure within a year or two of purchase. Were these problems associated with early batches of the tech implementation by Pentax, or was it ongoing? I’m largely ignorant to the details, so I’m curious.

The SDM issues were strictly a component issue

Thanks, Mike.

So, may we reasonably conclude, referring back to the source of the SDM point, that no QC issues were related to Vietnamese or non-Japanese factories?

That would be true with regards to the SDM issue, other issues not specified "MAY" have occurred but I personally don't think there is any issue with them being assembled in Vietnam. That said, on the used market an assembled in Japan lens should be able to sell for higher because it was. No different than people paying more for a red dot or a limited designation.

Put more bluntly, outsourcing of lens manufacturing maintains Pentax’s high quality standards. Therefore, whether one buys on older MIJ 31, 43, 77 or a new HD model made in Vietnam that the quality should be equal. The only difference would be in the aperture shape and newer, superior coatings.

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