Which Mamiya RZ67 to buy?

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Re: RZ67 vs. RB67

Macro guy wrote:

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

Also: if you really want to shoot film and aren't thinking about adding digital in the near future, then there might be things to be said for the more mechanical / less electronic RB67, at least if you get a later-production camera (Pro-SD version) in good condition.

The RB67 is more of a studio camera. It's too heavy for field use. Wheras you can hand hold the RZ, you can't really do that with the RB.

That's not what Mamiya says. I just looked at the manuals for the RB67 Pro SD (http://www.mamiyaleaf.com/assets/files/documentation/RB67_Pro_SD_v7.pdf) and the RZ67 Pro II D (http://www.mamiyaleaf.com/assets/files/documentation/RZ67PROIID_Instr.pdf), and they say the RB67 is actually lighter:

RZ67 Pro II D body with waist-level finder plus back 1350g + 530g = 1900g

RB67 Pro SD body plus waist-level finder plus back 1050g + 185g + 475g = 1710g

Obviously depending on lenses and other accessories, one or the other could be a little heavier ready-to-use. But there does not appear to be a basis in fact for the suggestion that the RB67 is too heavy for field use but the RZ67 is not (really, they're both beasts). Am I missing something?

RB isn't just heavy, it's unwieldy. It's impossible to hand hold. If I'm not mistaken, the RZ has a grip that can be used with it and that makes it a bit more portable. I wouldn't hand hold either one of them, but I think that the RZ with a grip and an eye level finder can be hand held in an emergency.

My memory may be failing me, but I don't remember Mamiya making for either the RZ or the RB a really ergonomic and integrating grip comparable to the ones it made for the M645 Super / Pro / Pro TL. OTOH, there are grips you can get for almost any camera; the one I have for my M645 1000s is okay--far better for hand-holding than the camera without a grip--but far from perfect.

The only grip that I'm aware of that was made for the RB67 was this one:

Left handed mechanical grip with a shutter trigger and a cold shoe.

The RZ had the electromechanical trigger also on the left side. This is a pic of the Pro II version. I don't think either one is great for hand holding. I wouldn't do it unless I absolutely had to, but in an emergency, the RZ is a bit better.

That's a street shooter's dream camera right there!

Thanks for the memories. I never hand held mine. That's for sure. It was always on a tripod.

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