Which Mamiya RZ67 to buy?

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Re: Seems like good advice, and ...

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

Which Mamiya RZ67 to buy?

You'd be better off posting this in the Film Photography Talk forum I think. This one is aimed at MF digital. I'm sure there will be lots of people in there that would love to talk RZ.

I agree. Basically:

* if you want to shoot with medium format digital, then any RZ67--even the 'digital ready' RZ67 Pro II-D--would probably be a poor choice. These cameras are designed for 6x7 film, with a film gate of around 56x69.5mm, and the largest reasonable digital options have sensors of about 53.7x40.3mm, so there's a 1.33x or more crop factor for lenses, viewfinders, etc. IOW, for shooting digital, a system derived from 645 film, or better yet natively digital, seems like a much better place to start, than does the RZ67 system.

* If you want to shoot film, then the Film Photography Talk forum is likely to get you more responses from users with recent experience buying and using medium format film cameras. The folks here seem to be 80%+ digital.

Also: if you really want to shoot film and aren't thinking about adding digital in the near future, then there might be things to be said for the more mechanical / less electronic RB67, at least if you get a later-production camera (Pro-SD version) in good condition.

The RB67 is more of a studio camera. It's too heavy for field use. Wheras you can hand hold the RZ, you can't really do that with the RB.

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