Anybody gone from Fujifilm to Sony recently and regretted?

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Anybody gone from Fujifilm to Sony recently and regretted?

Hello all,

I'll try to keep it brief but I'll fail...

I mainly use my camera for casual family stuff and also to photo and video document my business of building electric guitars. So product shots, lots of interior shots, lots of interior/closeup video, and some tripod and handheld selfie/vlog video.

I started with a Canon 80D and really enjoyed the process but quickly got the itch to try and improve the image quality. The idea of 4k video, 120fps, and the film simulations led me to try the X-S10. I really enjoyed it, and especially enjoyed it with the 16mm 1.4 (with one big exception which I'll get to). The improvement in IQ was immediately apparent even with my complete lack of skill. I liked it enough that I decided to try the X-T4. So I currently have the X-T4 and 16/f1.4.

I really, REALLY love the image quality coming out of the 16/f1.4 (with both bodies - it's kind of a wash for me as far as the bodies go, not just in IQ but in other areas as well.)

I've also tried the 10-24 (both v1 and v2) and the 35/f2 and while the quick and silent AF was great, I found them lacking the magic that the 16/f1.4 has.

Which brings me to the AF. Here's what I didn't anticipate - coming from the 80D, I didn't realize how much I was taking the autofocus for granted. In particular the eye AF in photo and video isn't as "sticky" on the Fujifilm and in general I seem to struggle to get photos as reliably in focus with the Fujifilm versus the Canon. I'm willing to accept that this is ALL user error. For example, I think sometimes I take a shot when the camera confirms focus but the lens hasn't caught up yet. I notice this a lot in AF-C. I also didn't realize how useful the tracking AF in video was. I actually didn't realize the Fujifilm didn't offer it until after I switched.

Also, the autofocus noise in video is a real drag. I ended up getting a Rode Wireless Go which solves the problem for the selfie vlog type video. But it's less useful for, say, candid family video where I'd prefer the built-in audio or a shotgun mic to capture all the ambient sound. I have a Rode Videomicro but it still picks up the autofocus noise of the 16/f1.4 very clearly.

Also worth mentioning that I'm a bit of a minimalist. I prefer to keep the kit simple. Right now I have the X-T4, the 16mm, Rode Wireless Go, a variable ND filter, and a Godox 350F and it's a very compact and powerful, if limited, kit. The simplicity of it makes me happy.

So long story short - simple but powerful kit is good. AF noise is the #1 problem, AF performance is #2 problem. I like a fairly wide and a fairly fast lens for most of what I do. And after living with the 16/1.4 for a while now I have high standards when it comes to IQ. But all of this taken together is enough to have me thinking Sony. Especially with the forthcoming Viltrox 24mm lens for the Sony. I could get into an A7III or A7C and Viltrox 24/f1.8, or stretch the budget a bit and get the Sony 20/1.8. It appears as though it would completely solve all AF issues for me. But I'm wondering if there are usability issues that I might not be considering.

For example, I just learned yesterday that Catalyst Browse (one of the big selling points that would have me thinking A7C vs III) isn't yet available for my version of MacOS (Big Sur). I'm trying to avoid "gotchas" like that. And I'd also be very interested in hearing user experiences of those who have gone XT4 or XS10 to A7III or A7C in general. Maybe the Viltrox 24 would be a disappoint compared to the Fujifilm 16? Regrets, no regrets? Greatest move ever? Worst idea ever?

Thanks in advance!

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