Is there a need for a 100mp camera in the world of Gigapixel Ai?

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Re: Is there a need for a 100mp camera in the world of Gigapixel Ai?

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

Experimental error is always present, especially with non flat images.
In the end, I am not so happy about Imaging Resource's test shots. I would suggest that DPReview's studio test is better devised.

After examining the DPReview studio test you drew our attention to this morning, I would agree. The differences between the GFX 100 and 50R files are more obvious in more places in the DPReview studio test than in the Imaging Resources files I linked to above.

In the end, i would guess that there is not much difference between the GFX 50 and the GFX 100 regarding sharpness, the huge advantage of the GFX 100 is reduced aliasing.

This is very evident in the quick comparison I just did of the DPReview Studio Test among the IQ4150, GFX 100 and GFX 50R. The aliasing in the GFX 50R sample is very strong, and largely absent in the GFX 100 frame.

For many applications, I would think that 50 MP is more than ample.
Also, I would suspect that it takes quite excellent technique to make full use of 50 MP and that may be a cause that aliasing is not seen as a great problem.

Subject matter has a lot to do with it too. I almost never encounter aliasing in the work that I do because the subjects tend not to present the patterns that lead to aliasing. I'm not saying it's not present if I really look! Rather, it doesn't happen a lot, and when it does I can deal with it.

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