Is there a need for a 100mp camera in the world of Gigapixel Ai?

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Rob de Loe
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Try it with the IQ4 150

In another post, Erik drew attention to the IQ4150 reference scene files. Of course in light of this thread Macro Guy started I had to compare to see how the GFX 100 and GFX 50R files did when they were uprezzed to the same resolution as the IQ4150 files.

I adjusted temperature for the GFX 100 and 50R files to get them balanced, and temperature and exposure for the IQ4150 file. I used ISO 50 for IQ4150 and ISO 100 files for the GFX cameras. Then I exported all three as TIFF with resolutions of 14,204 x 10,652 pixels (the native resolution of the IQ4150).

Yes, of course there are all kinds of reasons to use the IQ4150 that are unrelated to resolution. And yes, it's not hard to find parts of the test scene where the IQ4150 result is unquestionably the best (e.g., look at the text samples under the X-Rite ColorChecker).

Nonetheless, on resolution alone, I would say that you need to be making very large prints viewed from a close distance to see a difference between the IQ4150 file and the GFX 100 file. Even the uprezzed GFX 50R file holds its own very credibly in most parts of the scene; an obvious exception is places where aliasing can occur.

What an amazing set of tools we have in the toolkit right now.

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