Remote: WR-R10 vs SU-800

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Re: Remote: WR-R10 vs SU-800

mauvan wrote:

During our (Dutch) lockdown it's impossible to go for advice in a local store so let's try it here.

I own the Z6 ii and 2 SB-700 flash units, which I want to control remote.
Searching Nikon manuals and other websites is rather confusing. There's a lot of talk about SB-5000 combinations with WR-R10 (nowadays hard to find) and the SU-800.

Questions: can I use the WR-R10 only? What functionalities do I miss then?
Or can I use the SU-800 only? What are the advantages?


By the way: I am not looking for third party-solutions such as Yongnuo or Godox.

The SU-800 is works only by infrared light. It's an optical trigger and generally needs line of sight. Infrared bounces like visible light so sometimes with reflective walls You can get lucky and shoot around corners. But like visible light, it gets less reliable the further away it is to flash (inverse square law). It's quite reliable in a small area when used for example for portraits or macro etc.

The SB-700 ONLY communicates optically. It can only receive (and send If used as a commander) "instructions" from CLS enabled flashes and the SU-800. It will not work with the SR-10 because it does not have radio signal receiving abilities. The SB-5000 is the only Nikon flash that does.

Have a look at the Godox system. Their flashes can be operated by radio and are compatible with Nikon's optical CLS system. Their remotes are hot shoe based vs dongle. You can add a dedicated receiver under each SB-700. Two receivers and a trigger will be less than the WR-10 alone.

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