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I’m a Canon owner so I’m not well versed with Sony bodies. My daughter is looking for a full frame mirrorless body and a versatile walk around lens. Her budget is around $3,000 with body and lens.
I gave her a couple of Canon options namely the Canon R and the R6. The R6 with a lens though would exceed her budget.

I told her that Sony is a good option. I’m looking please for a recommendation with Sony within her budget.

She shoots for fun, family, vacations, scenery.

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**I could put this on the “Camera, Lens and System Buying Advice" forum but thought I would start from the Sony forum.

A7III or A7C + 28-200mm. Super versatile and way below budget. The 28-200mm is far brighter and sharper than conventional super-zooms, making it perfect for travel.

You could use the rest of the budget to buy a supplemental prime lens of her choice later for portraits/low light. Let her use the zoom first and then decide if she wants say a 35mm f1.8, 65mm F2, 85mm F1.8, etc.

Thank you for the advice. I see the recommendations have the A7iii and A7C in common. When was the A7C announced? I’m not familiar with that body. Good option with the 28-200. Would this be the Tamron?

A7C was announced about 5 months ago. It has better autofocus (but keep in mind that A7III AF is very good) and better video capabilities than the A7III. I pair the Tamron 28-200 with my A7R3, and it's my walk-around lens.

The A7C is smaller than the A7III and features a weaker rangefinder EVF, 1 card slot, and weaker physical controls in exchange for size. But it also features the amazing new Sony AF. It's a good option for right-eyed shooters who don't plan on using huge lenses for things like birds.

A friend of mine took his a7c to an air show, and he paired the camera with 100-400GM and 600GM. I’d seen him taking BIF with a7c+600+1.4 x  a7c AF is much better than a7iii.

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