Exposure on Nikon F3

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Re: Exposure on Nikon F3

ross attix wrote:

I am not sure I understand what question you are asking. Is it about how the meter works on the F3? If so, another person answered that.

Yep, mostly that.

But then you mentioned having to send the film in for development and using a “trial and error technique” so were you referring to running a snip test?

Nope, there is no laboratory locally so I will have to expose the whole thing then go to the nearest town (Napoli which is 18NM across with ocean in between) and hand it to my printing service who, on their own, have a guy who goes through once a week to collect, develop, deliver... that's why, if I like it, I'd then like to develop myself which I know not being rocket science.

If your question is just about how to expose and develop film, and are talking about negative film, you should expose for the shadows, develop for the highlights.

Ok, this is important to know, grazie mille!

This is why-If you took a cross section of a developed negative, the highlights are the thickest, shadows the thinnest. If you do not have enough exposure to hold detail in the shadows, you will never get it by over developing mostly because there isn’t enough density for the developer to react with.

When I first laid my hands onto the Fuji S5Pro digital camera I learnt that, tanks to its particular S-CCD sensor, one can concentrate on shadows with little chance to burn highlights, what a camera it was (still have one), pity I wasn't really good at using it back then.


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