Grand Canyon- Proper Sunset exposure with Graduated ND Filter

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Re: Grand Canyon- Proper Sunset exposure with Graduated ND Filter

Thira wrote:

In the scenario given :

1- what is the correct method to find the right exposure? Use the histogram and change the exposure until proper?

Expose to the right using histogram no matter with or without the sun in the frame. With the sun, you'll need to use exposure bracketing. Take first shot with proper exposure to the right, second shot with the sun clipped. It'll be enough for HDR or exposure blending.

2- Is there a way to lock automatic focus, or should I manually do it? I like spot metering, and touching my LED screen to set the focus.

When you're at wide angle, just focus at infinity (any point far away), f9-f10 should be more than enough for the entire scene.

3-When is the proper time to focus?

Every time you zoom in or out.

The ND grad filters may help, but without the sun in the frame, your camera should do fine without HDR/bracketing if you use exposure to the right properly.

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