Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

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Re: Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

FrancoD wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

I am impressed by these images ...

You are impressed and so am I but I wonder what the expert that posted this comment : Bridge cameras are basically for fun. Acceptable in good light. If you want to "play in Major League" , it's another story.


There is no argument that larger (aka FF/MF) sensors are capable of higher ISO (lower-exposure) w/ lower noise.

There are also some 1/2.3" tele-zooms that would indeed be low-light limited w/ small lens apertures at their max-tele, (which is probably the specific reason they were bought).

But the RX10-IV has a f/2.4-4, the FZ-1000 a f/2.8-4, which is faster than most "kit" lenses. Thus only limited by which each person deems an acceptable ISO.

To somewhat assist in lower light, I think both of the above camera have a built-in (NIGHT-shot) "stacking" mode for lower-light, (which I have never even needed to use).

Also the FZ-1000 has a low-light AF capability to -4EV (lower than full-moon light).

So I suggest it is all relative, and very disingenious to suggest it is only "acceptabe in good light".

As for "FUN" ... he is totally correct since their speed-convenience & versatility w/ their additional options & featues can indeed be "fun".  But isn't photography supposed to be "fun"?

These are SOOC w/ NO Noise-Reduction, (or other PP) ...

1.5 MILES away


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