The second lens in addtion to XC 15-45mm

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The second lens in addtion to XC 15-45mm

Got my XT200 with the XC 15-45mm a few months ago. I have been pleased with the purchase as it is light weighted, and I bring it out every weekend when hiking with my family. The IQ is way better than I expected for this entry-level model. I was afraid that it might be no better than the iPhone, and I would stop using it soon after the purchase. Not to mention the fun to learn photography.

I am considering getting the second lens now. My budget is ~$500.

The main usage would be portrait shooting. I am quite satisfied with some of the portraits I shot, and I want to see whether the IQ could be better if I use a "better" lens, especially a fast prime lens.

I found I used 35mm and 45mm for the "best“ portraits I took. As 45mm is the lens's limit, I am unsure whether I would prefer 50mm or even a longer FL for portraits. Bokeh is great, but I don't need extremely rendered backgrounds in every picture. And I would like to keep the system lightweight.

There are several choices I have considered:

1. XF 56mm f1.2

After reading some reviews, it looks like the is the best choice for portrait, but it is out of my budget -- for now.

2. XF 35mm f2

An affordable and safe choice for me. I have read from several places that the XF 35mm f1.4 is way older than the f2 version, and it has AF issues. They suggest choosing the f2 over the f1.4 version.

3. XF 50mm f2

It looks like a sound choice for me as well.

4. XF 60mm f2.4 macro

I see this lens has been recommended somewhere for portrait shooting. Still, I do not quite understand the concept of "macro lens" (Isn't that any lens that can focus close enough can do the macro shooting?) and how it would affect portrait shooting. That said, it would be nice to have a lens whose FL is more or less complementary to my current lens and has a bit of extra functionality.

5. XF 90mm f2

I know this is out of my budget. I put it on the list, as I have been considering a telephoto lens for shooting birds. There are lots of birds around the lakes here. I think XF 55-200mm is a great choice, but there comes 70-300mm with the same weight, for only $100 more. Not to mention the possibility to 1.4x the FL. I would like to see the reviews from real users before I pull the trigger, and this is partially why I am planning to buy a portrait lens first. It could be a reasonable choice to have a "hybrid” lens for both purposes. I know 90mm is short for any "serious“ bird shooting, but it is better than nothing

My main concerns are:

1. I wouldn't see a noticeable improvement in IQ, and it becomes just a waste of $$. The review I read says that the IQ of the kit lens is pretty good.

2. I don't plan to bring multiple lenses when hiking outside, so the new lens would replace my XC 15-45 most of the time. I am not sure whether I would be happy with the compromise or not.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

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