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Ricoh is offering a pre-order of three new lenses.


HD PENTAX-FA 31mmF1.8 Limited

HD PENTAX-FA 43mmF1.9 Limited

HD PENTAX-FA 77mmF1.8 Limited


The difference from the legacy lenses is in the coating and aperture blade shape, right? Are there other changes? They haven’t been redesigned and optimized for digital sensors?

Please, let it go, this is getting tiring. There is no need to redesign the optical formula. The philosophy behind the Limiteds is to allow for some optical imperfections as to have a less plastic, more vibrant pop. While there may be sharper lenses out there, none have the character of the Limiteds...

Yes, I understand the design philosophy and owned good copies of the 31 and 77. Nice lenses, that captured some memorable images for me. My questions were genuine. Was anything else changed besides the coating and the aperture blade shape? If not, they’re still great lenses. But more rereleases than ‘new.’

Aren't the coating and the aperture blade shape enough changes for the lenses to be called "new" ?

I don't own any but I might be tempted by the 77 f1.8.

I was hoping for a new 16-80 PLM or 18-135 PLM more than a prime limited.


Not in my book. If I repaint my house or replace the oven, it doesn’t make the house ‘new.’ ‘Updated,’ perhaps. ‘Remodeled’ would be a massive stretch. ‘New’ is just plain false.

If your house design is like every other house design in your neighbourhood (cookie cutter houses) and the builder makes changes to the design and proceeds to make more houses, they'd still be new houses now wouldn't they?

These debates get tedious, but I have to 'speak' up and say you're not applying the analogy correctly.

It doesn't matter about the count of houses in the neighborhood, that is similar to the supply of a particular lens offered.

What matters is the unique designs of the houses in the neighborhood, that is similar to the unique optical designs offered.

What Ricoh is doing here is similar to what they did in 2013 with some of the DA lenses. They launched 'new' lenses consisting of the old formulas in the old shells with HD coatings and a thin, red painted ring on the outside edge.

That's not a new lens. Sure, the SKU is different. But to the photographer, it's essentially the same product. Same optical formula. They didn't even offer weather sealing or a focus motor to the update. Which is what it is. An update.

That said, at least they are doing something to try to refresh the lineup, even if it isn't a whole lot.

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