Alpha 1, some initial Settings, bug in SteadyShot

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Alpha 1, some initial Settings, bug in SteadyShot

Yesterday evening I got my Sony Alpha 1.

Here are some initial impressions:

- Some of the initial settings are non-intuitive (or just plain wrong).

The camera is delivered to you in P-mode, or really: “double P-mode”. P-mode meaning “Program Auto” in Sony terms. Even a half-baked photographer will quickly move the upper dial to M(anual) for taking pictures, or to any of the other modes. Not so trivial is setting the video mode to one of the other modes, or in fact discovering why almost none of the buttons on your camera work even if you assign them. The “P” in the corner should tell you there is a menu hidden setting (“Exposure Mode”) to get you out of this limbo.

When I found the solution I faintly recalled having to go through this same crappy experience 3 years ago when I bought the A7R3. The fact that I was on a balcony shooting the moon in complete darkness wasn’t helping.

I think these findings are similar for all Sony cameras (or at least all A7 models I have encountered). But since this is a Professional-grade camera I find defaulting to dumb “P-mode” settings a bit too consumer oriented. (maybe those sports photographers are expecting default settings to do it all?)

The reason I needed to change the exposure settings was because it had gladly decided that what I would want in my 8K video was 1/25s shutter speed. As I was using 1/640s taking photo’s of the moon just before that (on my 600mm GM) using 1/25s with the same lens for the same subject was a bit much.

I then also changed a setting where Video mode and Photo mode will both use the same exposure settings (which helps in the scenario of shooting the moon).

Why it defaulted to a non-changeable 1/25s when often it is advised to shoot 1/50s for 25fps is beyond me.

And why do none of these Manual modes let you change the ISO through a button by default?

- There is a bug in SteadyShot “Auto”.

Today I took some photos using my 100-400mm + 2.0 x extender, at 800mm. I shot at 100 ISO and anywhere from 1/4s to 1/50s. Something immediately felt “off”. I soon discovered that my SteadyShot wasn’t working properly. When I switched SteadyShot to “Manual” and “800mm” this improved greatly. It seems there is a bug, possibly caused by using an extender.

I was happy to discover it was a bug and not a limitation of SteadyShot in this model because otherwise I would have probably send the camera straight back to the store. At least half my pictures are shot using SteadyShot and slow shutter speeds.

This could very well be the bug our famous TN discovered and had to shout out into the world. I am still reluctant to go anywhere near those propaganda-style “first/second impression” videos.

- I’m having problems viewing some of my pictures on my iPad because I switched to HEIF 4:2:2 + RAW, and iPadOS doesn’t seem to support those yet. No biggie, as I’m just setting up and adjusting to the camera.

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