Do any of your extension tubes mate with the Oly teleconverters?

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Re: Do any of your extension tubes mate with the Oly teleconverters?

WileEC_ID wrote:

Coming from Nikon FF land, one of the ways I got more from my 105mm macro lens was to add the 1.4x teleconverter to it.

I noticed that the Oly 60mm macro has no room to accommodate the lens of the Oly 1.4x TC, but wondered if my extension tube might accommodate that, and allow me to add it in - but the inner circle of my extension tubes (Movo brand, Amazon US) were too narrow.

So, if you have the Oly 60mm macro lens AND extension tubes AND the Oly 1.4x TC - will the TC fit inside your extension tubes? If so, would love to know the brand and where you got them. Bonus for if they were a set of three. Double bonus if AF works with all three. TIA.

Don't know how I missed this thread, but glad it got sorted out! A few things....The 2x teleconverter the MC-20 also works with the same PIXCO setup....I have not found any issues with lighting by filing or scraping down the inside of the extension tubes...

I will also note that the main thing is that focus bracketing and stacking will work with these extension tubes and teleconverters in place.

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