Contax Vario-Sonnar 4.5-5.6/100-300 for landscape

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Re: Contax Vario-Sonnar 4.5-5.6/100-300 for landscape

rich_cx139 wrote:

Great pictures.

It is a great lens but one that is on the back burner for me only partly to do with the price but mainly to do with the rear elements separation issue.

I find it's not that expensive but it's a small risk. When I bought mine, I wrote about the issue and asked for an inspection, and told him that if it has no separation, I will keep it. But if it had any signs of separation in the rear element I would return it. It worked, because the person knew how to check and has zero incentive, and a strong dis-incentive to ship something that will surely come back to him/her, in addition to two international shipping and the ebay comission. I paid the full price instead of Make Offer, and of course kept the lens. Can it separate in the future? It's a $150 cost, but if ANY problem develops, that's about how much it could cost if not even more, so it does not worry as it's the same risk I have with so many other lens.

Glad to hear though of the guy in Japan who can fix this - must take a lot of work to rebuild, realign etc. It is good to keep this calibrevof glass working.

You can actually ship just the rear element that takes 1 minute to unscrew for re-cementing. No rebuilding. No changing anything. It's actually much less risky and problematic than say, dirty blades.

Good shooting with your lens !


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