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Chris 222 wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

CaliforniaDave wrote:

Stephen McDonald wrote:

The HX95V has three main advantages over the HX99V. It is cheaper and it does not have a touchscreen nor a redundant control ring on the lens.

I can see (rare) situations in which I might use the control ring for manual focus and the rear control dial for SS or aperture adjustment.

I absolutely appreciate the control ring of the HX90V (and RX100III). It's not redundant at all.

I'm with you, that was a rather bizarre comment. I'd say a control ring must be even more of a blessing on these cams which are so poor in physical controls. But let's ask:

Owners of the HX90 and HX99, do you use your control ring? When?

Yes, not too often, but when I want to zoom more slow and more precise

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