Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

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Re: Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

Mieszko wrote:

From macro shots or there around to about 1 meter/ meter and a half away from the subject, since amphibians arent that big or to get a view of the terrarium/pond they are in.

Can I do this with one lense only?

It might be possible to do everything with one lens, but your distances vary drastically, and you don't say how large the subjects are. If there is glass between the camera and subject, it changes the distance. It's all I can do to get close enough to a live frog at 50mm. It doesn't come close to filling the frame when they are roughly the size of an egg.

If the subjects are confined to an area about the size of a bathtub, a short zoom might work, but I think you need much longer focal lengths from a meter or more. Some long telephoto lenses won't focus at less than 1 meter, and you measure the distance from the camera body, not the  lens. You have to account for that with live subjects.

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