Z6 or Z7 for IR wit astro and deepsky?

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Re: Z6 or Z7 for IR wit astro and deepsky?

Brueghel wrote:

Believe me, I spend a whole lot more time on cloudynights than I do here, I'm an astrophotographer and it's really the only kind of photography I care about. The reason the Z6 gets more mention as a better low light performer just goes back to the old time idea that bigger pixels = better for night photography. It just isn't the case anymore, not in the era of higher quantum efficiency cameras, dual gain sensors with extremely low read noise and high dynamic range, and the reality that comes with ISO invariance. As I've said, I've used both the Z6 and Z7 for astrophotography, I've even ripped open my Z6 and h-alpha modified it, believe me when I say I know what I'm talking about here. The Z7 is better for astrophotography for the reasons I mentioned.

I wish I was in a position to choose between a Z6 and a Z7 In any case your CV wins it for you (until I win at the lottery in which case I would take the time to find the best equipment to my taste and I may or may not agree with you)

End of the original topic

New ideas:

If I was in a position to buy new AP equipement would I go for a dedicated mono (ASI-1600 or a newer model) and save money to be better used elsewhere (mount or Astrodon filters or...) and just forget about a "regular" camera OR would I get a larger sensor mono???

So I would like to add a new twist to the discussion: Is this problem well posed ? Should one choose between two (modded) expensive DSLR of mirrorless cameras OR is the real decision one step back: Should one go for an AP mono camera or a "regular" camera ?

BTW there are about a trillion topics for discussion in this domain.... For example, is astrophotography photography ???

My answer is that AP has its feet grounded in photography but that 50% of the things are image processing things and the 40% is outside photography...

That could be the subject of a lengthy debate...:-)

If you are a dedicated deep space imager I would definitely look at going with a cooled mono astro camera, right now between my girlfriend and I we have an ASI1600mm Pro, ASI533mc Pro, and ASI2600mc Pro. I actually switched this year to using the 2600mc Pro for everything, I sold my Z7 and am using some Voigtlander lenses with my 2600mc for all nightscape and deep space imaging, my girlfriend is still using her Z7 for nightscape stuff. If you're interested in a mix of Nightscape and deep space stuff I'd probably use a DSLR/MILC, it's fine using the 2600mc for nightscape stuff, but it takes a bit more finagling with things to make it work well. A DSLR/MILC is definitely easier for nightscape imaging and the results are just as good vs a dedicated astro camera, I just liked the idea of using one camera for everything. If you're looking for a camera that will only be used for astro imaging I would definitely get it modified, I'm not a huge fan of modified cameras for Nightscapes, but you will definitely want one for deep space.

In terms of "is astrophotography photography?" I don't see how it isn't, I suppose it's more on the science/technical end of photography vs the pure art end, but astrophotography can definitely be artistically done as well (color channel mapping, deepscapes, composites, etc). You could talk until you're blue in the face, at the end of the day it's just another hobby for most of us and we do what we love.

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