Exposure on Nikon F3

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Re: Exposure on Nikon F3

Giovanni_1968 wrote:

The F3 has been sleeping for ages, got new batteries and two film rolls, an Ilford Delta 100ISO BW and an HP5 400ISO, now the Delta is loaded, took some shots with both my dad's old pre Ai (modified) lenses and with my 50 and 85 D f1.4 but wondering how does the camera evaluates exposure, too used to digital now and wondering how to work it out on analog.

The idea is to learn to develop on my own and then to eventually scan, got the F3 manual so I can read about exposure but any hint would greatly be appreciated.


If you haven’t seen it already this is the manual for the F3 - https://cdn-10.nikon-cdn.com/pdf/manuals/archive/F3.pdf

The meter on the F3 is biased 80:20 to the 12mm circle in the viewfinder, which means you can get slightly different readings than for a 60:40 meter in other Nikons.  Personally, in most cases I just set the shutter speed to A and use it as a aperture priority automatic.  With negative film the exposure is pretty much spot on in most cases.

Remember that meters differ depending on their calibration and age, that shutter speeds are rarely 100% accurate, and that even the aperture itself may not be 100%.   But it nearly always comes out in the wash.

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