Z5 NR, EVF and Flash questions

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Re: Z5 NR, EVF and Flash questions

skyrunr wrote:

Just about all of the answers to your question are YES.

I think it is better to just get the camera and try it out. I can't tell you how many things I've researched, sounded good on paper, and ended up being very disappointed with them. I think you're interested and researched enough to just give the Z5 a try. Be sure to purchase one from a company with a good return policy. Adorama VP360, BestBuy, B&H, Crutchfield, etc.

I think you'll find this info very helpful. Good luck!




Hi, you are right, the manual... I will have a look at it , indeed I should have done before posting, my bad. I rode the others two links before posting here, they were helpful but didn't asnwer my questions.

A quick look at the manual says that there's an option in "High ISO NR" called "Off" If NR is truly cancelled and details are similar to RAW then it's fine. Hope that someone can confirm.

I don't see a word if using non CPU lenses could have any impact on the flash system, but I need to read in depth the manual.


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