Z5 NR, EVF and Flash questions

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Z5 NR, EVF and Flash questions

Hi, first post in this forum! I hope you can help me to clarify some things

I'm currently using Fujifilm X-A3 mainly with vintage adapted lens, 99% of the time with a Lens Turbo II. I also have 2 Fuji AF lenses (18-55mm, 50mm f2) both good ones, but I don't use them too much as I usually prefer manual ones instead. So, I like them, but I'm not truly married to Fujifilm lenses.

I'm overall very safisfied with the Lens Turbo, although with certain lenses the corners seems to suffer a bit. Also, the rear element sometimes hit the LT glass (fortunately it only happens with 3 or 4 lens of my 50+ collection).

So, what's the problem? I miss EVF and IBIS. I was looking to upgrade to Fujifilm X-S10 but I really dislike lateral articulated screens. Also, I've read (not sure if this is correct) that the X-S10 EVF is on the small size. So I'm not convinced.

Then I've started to look at the Z5, the more I see it the more I like it. It is more expensive than X-S10 but looks like it will be worth.

I've read that the EVF is great ,big and detailed, the screen seems nice, the mount seems ideal for adapting, I don't shoot video, etc... I still have 2 SB-800's when I was a Nikon D200 shooter, if I am not wrong I will be able to shoot them wireless and fully functional, which is an unexpected plus.

One important thing: I'm a JPG shooter. I shoot JPG + RAW, but RAW is only in case I need to fix something like a very wrong WB, and if I need to do it I'll do it in camera. I don't develop RAWs in computer anymore. I don't want to go back to that. I usually don't take out cards from the cameras, I just transfer full quality JPG's from the camera to my phone, RAWs usually are just deleted.

So I need "perfect" JPG's and here is my first question: The NR reduction in the Z5 looks like it's smearing too much. The samples I'm seeing in DPR studio really looks bad but the raws looks fine.

Noise reduction

Is it possible to cancel noise reduction in camera at all? If so, can someone of you share a pic with default settings, nr cancelled as much as possible in camera and one from a raw with zero noise reduction?, This way I can see if JPG is a valid option for me.


Can I transfer full size images with Bluetooth? I guess I can do it with WIFI, but it would be nice if this happens automatically. Does it work?


I've read that Z5 is great but in poor light get's very grainy. I need to use focus peaking all the times: Are we talking about grainy like film pattern or grainy like it will be hard to see the peaking??


With the D200 I used the built-in flash as the commander, it was very nice. The camera had a menu (if I remember correctly) to adjust light levels up to 4 groups of speedlights. Does the Z5 has menus like that? What should I buy as commander? Of course, just in case it's not clear, I'm not talking about just triggering a flash as slave, but to use all of them working with i-TTL (I believe that was Nikon's name). So everything was working automatically and then I just adjusted +/- power for the flashes, from the camera.

With the D200 I only used AF DX lenses, everything worked as expected with the flashes. Will be any issue using adapted lenses? None of them will have CPU contacts at the rear, I will be using dumb adapters. Any potential issue?

Kit lens

Where I live I don't see option to buy body only. So it looks like I must buy with the Kit lens and sell it later on eBay. I haven't read too much about it, as I'm not truly interested in the lens. It seems that it's only feature is it's small size, what do you think? Does it worth to keep it?

Thanks in advance, and excuse the long post!

Nikon D200 Nikon Z5
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