Fd to ef mounting???

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Re: Fd to ef mounting???

Ben Guss wrote:

I purchased a vivitar 100 mm macro lens with a FD bayonet mount. The adapter I have does not want to secure to this lens. Is it an issue with the wrong adapter? My process is lining the red dots up then trying to secure the ring into the lock position. I've also tried a slew of other configurations none of which work.

For the help and advice

First of all, not that it matters that much if you're only going to use the lens for macro, you will never get infinity focus if that adapter is to an EF mount, as it's effectively an extension tube of 2mm plus its thickness.

It's probably going to be easiest to mount the adapter to the camera first, contrary to the usual adapter advice. Make sure the camera is switched off first so that the shutter is closed to keep dust off the sensor.

That LOCK<--->OPEN ring is confusingly labelled for me. It needs to be in the OPEN position to mount the lens, i.e. rotated in the direction of the arrow towards the word OPEN so that the word LOCK is against the white dot, as in your picture. It controls the stop-down lever at the bottom of the FD mount, which only stops the iris down to the working aperture when the lens is mounted. That lever will lock to the right with chrome ring Canon FD lenses, making the LOCK<--->OPEN ring redundant. I would do that with your Vivitar lens if you can, as the lens won't otherwise mount to the adapter if the LOCK<--->OPEN ring is in the wrong position.

Make sure the breech lock ring of your lens is rotated so that the red dot is aligned with the aperture and focus index of the lens (there's a click stop and lock there with Canon brand chrome ring FD lenses) then line up the lens with the red dot in line with the slot at the top of the external bayonet, offer up the lens and turn the lock ring to secure the lens. (It starts to rotate automatically when the lens is in position with Canon brand chrome ring FD lenses).

Hope that helps.

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