I think we (and OM-Co) need An E-M5

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An attitude that (helps) kill the japanese camera industry

This idea they have of tiers, that seems deeply ingrained in their culture.

The E-M5 does not have to offer less in order to promote/justify the next step up. That is the attitude that creates crippled products with desireable features removed.

The E-M5 should be the best and most desireable product that they can make at a certain price point and set of priorities. As opposed to a cheapified camera with critical features removed (which when you stop to think of it, kind of implies that the expensive offering doesn’t really justify its pricing. Which it doesn’t. Which is why the japanese manufacturers do this in the first place.)

Manipulating your customers like this

a) makes them angry, and kills goodwill. We understand the game which is played with us.

b) only works with a captive audience. All japanese camera manufacturers play this game, which has protected the practise, but the audience can now simply abandon the camera market, and demonstrably does. This relates to point a) above.

c) requires you to design, produce, stock, et cetera, camera models that are crippled/less desireable by design. A major part of their purpose is to create justification for an up-sell. But that makes the model itself sell less, and if the up-sell model is too expensive or not desirable enough in its own right the strategy makes you loose the sale entirely.

Arguably, this artificial stratification has always been a dubious strategy that has more to do with attempted profit maximisation than product integrity. But in the current and future camera market it’s simply suicidal. Manufacturers need to do their damndest to compete for consumer dollars by making products that people actually want at prices that they are prepared to pay, not play internal product positioning games. Those days are over, unless you are prepared to just follow a slow (or quick) downward spiral to death.

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